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I am able to listen & understand…

Have you ever noticed that there are times in life where you just need to talk to someone who takes the time to really listen? You are not necessarily looking for answers, and you don’t want to be told what you should or shouldn’t do. You simply need to be heard. Friends and family are not always the best people for this. They are often too busy or are too emotionally invested in you to see objectively. Or perhaps you feel like a burden and feel guilty sharing these things with them and you walk away feeling worse than you did before you talked with them. You may feel that they could never understand all that you’re going through, good or bad. You just need a figurative hand to hold, and someone who can look you in the eyes as you open your heart.


Be heard

You have a story and you need to tell it to someone who will give you 100% of their undivided attention. Maybe you just need to share a cup of coffee with someone, go shopping or vent your frustrations. You also need someone who has experienced both major obstacles and highs and has come out as a survivor. My name is Michelle and I’ve lived through many challenging, painful and joyous experiences, and have gained much wisdom by walking through the difficult issues and have grown through them.

I welcome you to schedule an appointment or contact me with any questions you may have.

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Here’s My Story:
I grew up an only child in an emotionally unhealthy family. I had to learn to be a fighter, a caretaker and compassionate with others and myself. I walked through many years of trying to find myself, figure out my path in life. I made several life choices that weren’t the best because I had no good examples to follow, so I allowed myself to follow anything that seemed right at the time. I paid high prices for some of these decisions. I was in the competitive field of modeling in Toronto and NYC. After facing many of my insecurities, I had an emotional downfall. I became a single parent of a son with disabilities, went back to college while raising a family, lived on almost nothing, got married to the wrong person, got divorced, battled family courts, lost contact with my son for 3 years, was diagnosed with cancer, had a mother diagnosed with early onset dementia, etc. Now I don’t share all of this because I need sympathy, yet to tell you that I really do understand. I used my childhood learned skills as a survivor and my faith to face these obstacles and learn many things as a result. The one thing I needed most during these times was for someone to simply hear my voice, my heart and my story. We all have one and it deserves to be told.

So, I’d like to offer that to you. I want to hear your story.



“It is difficult, in this day and age, to find someone who will sit with you listening to whatever is on your heart without having them cut in, or start speaking of other things or dispensing answers and advice. Michelle is a patient and considerate listener. She wants to hear the whole story. I am grateful to have spent time being able to sort out details and thoughts with a compassionate person such as Michelle. The best part of sharing was when I was finished she was able to reflect back to me and bring the issue together in such a way that I knew I had “been heard”. She brought intelligent, thoughtful insights and perspective that helped me process and have a solid solution.”

– Maria L.

“You will feel good after spending time with Michelle, because being really heard and understood enables you to make sense of those thoughts swirling around your head. Michelle is so helpful and fun to sit and talk with. She gets it.”

– Betsy R.

“Michelle is not just a listener. She is an empath. When she listens, she is taking the time to tune into what you are feeling. If I am talking about my daughter having panic attacks at school, Michelle has the ability to put herself into that space, as a child and what she could be feeling. With just as much sensitivity, she recognizes the struggle I am facing as the mother. She stays in that space with me, allowing me to process all of the feelings I have at that moment, the feelings of helplessness and defeat. Without trying to change what I am thinking or feeling, she just listens. She provides a safe space for me to experience what I am going through without any judgment, criticism, or unwanted advice. At the end of the conversation, I feel like I have spoken to someone who listens, who “gets it”. I don’t feel alone. Through her compassion and patience, I am able to give that back to myself in return. I have more strength and confidence so that I can tend to the problems my daughter is having. I am able to understand her more, to offer her that supportive ear, and work through what she is going through because I have experienced that gift with Michelle”

– Lindsey G.

“Talking about your problems can often be one of the best modes of defense against numerous health problems, both mental and physical.”

The Health Benefits of Talking About It

“Creativity and intuition are activated with deep listening. Solutions are discovered, beauty is made, fun is explored..”

Discover the gift of deep listening

“The role of the listener or helper is to allow such an individual to open the lock gates. When he does, the water gushes out…The role of the listener is to help empty the large reservoirs of emotion, anger, stress, frustration and other negative feelings until the individual can see more clearly…Perhaps we can think of it as listening first aid.”

Discover the benefits of having a trained empathetic listener

“Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to relatives or friends. During talking therapy, a trained counsellor or therapist listens to you and helps you find your own answers to problems, without judging you. The therapist will give you time to talk, cry, shout or just think. It’s an opportunity to look at your problems in a different way with someone who will respect you and your opinions.”

How talking therapy can help you

“The health risks increase, it seems, when people have no way of expressing or acting on their feelings, the researchers say. We know that stress can build up and become chronic when our “natural” fight-or-flight responses meant to help us survive in conflict situations are frustrated. Some experts suggest that acknowledging emotions, especially distressing ones, and airing them from time to time is an important component of mental health.”

Increase your health by talking with a skilled listener